Get Off the Highway.

Stop. Take Diversions. U-Turns.

Use Underpasses, Overpasses, Subterranean Pathways.

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  • Compassion and Social Communication (3 Months International programme based on the encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si: On the Care of Our Common Home. (Completed). Based on the Learning Ecology approach. (A dedicated website on this programme is in progress. Will be announced in November).

See the output of the group project here: UNFOLD NESTAlso, see a flipbook on the Lessons Inspired by Laudato Si.




Innovate More Inclusive


  • Virtues in Movement (On Virtues, Values and the Search for Meanings). Nurturing Virtues for the Common, and Public, Good. The first stage of the project is in progress. Please check here for details. Growing video collection here.


Work In Progress

Being Developed on Collaborative Platforms

  • Compassion: An Introduction

  • Birthing New Worlds: A Study of New Glossaries

  • Imagining New Worlds: Decolonising Hegemonic Narratives 

  • Cosmological and Indigenous Worldviews: Recovering Ancient Development Pathways

  • Frames Analysis, Critical Mindfulness and Reading the Signs of the Times

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