Grow a "New Language" of Being

...Encounters with ideas. Arguments. Facts and Figures. Dominant Narratives. Hegemony. Reflection. Alienation. Contemplation. Understanding. Questioning. Confronting Taken for Granted Worlds. Undoing Comfort Zones. Uneasiness. Deschooling. Decolonising. Questioning Assumptions. Deep Listening. Facing Inner Confusion. Deep imagination. Birth of  New Clarity. Being Mindful. Peace. Being Concerned. Eco-futures. Engaging with New Terms. New Narratives. Social Engagement Spirituality. Animals Studies. New Language of Conversation. Counter-Hegemony. Authentic Dialogue. Democracy. Inclusivity. Civic Engagement. Grays. Cosmological Thinking. Against Orthodoxy. Changing Views. Dignity. Trust. Grace. Transforming. Trans-Realites. New Art of Being. Being Alert. Critical. Compassionate....

Resources Will be Continuously Added.

This not-for-profit site, created by Nat (Dr. M. Nadarajah), former Chair Professor at Xavier Centre for New Humanities and Compassion Studies, Xavier University Bhubaneswar, India, is purely for educational purpose. [Please note: I have used many of my photos. In addition, I have curated/sourced photos from, www. and Thank you to all photographers who have shared their creativity and hard work. Special thanks to Gerd Altmann ( whose imaginative composition of socially relevant images seem to exactly fit my creative needs. Where possible, all other web resources have been duly linked to original source. Thank you.] 2020/2021  

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