Background Information for Contributors


(i) This is a proposal for an engaging learning journey covering elaborations, inspirations, struggles, confusions, contradictions, clarifications, debates, different points of view, challenges and action orientations on virtues in relation to values and our search for meanings. 


(ii) It is about the formal, non-formal and informal learning journeys one has have untaken in one's life, learning and struggling with oneself and with the local and global realities, in private and/or public contexts.

(iii) This effort is based on some critical concerns, questions and traditions. Please see the Concerns page (and its links, voices and problematics).


(iv) This learning journey will be pursued mainly through an original video collection. The videos will be the contributions of persons who want to be part of this local and global learning journey. It will be produced with the help of members of the global community cutting across gender, ethnicity, race, religion, location, country, region, or institutions who are all passionately interested in understanding and promoting the common, and public, good. And a peaceful and compassionate world.


We specifically invite videos that intertwine analyses or definitions with personal social and emotional histories. It is also about how biography transacts with larger structures and social episodes. We think that the video cannot be done without some initial critical reflection and contemplation of one's life.

(v) This site and a video channel that have been set up will offer a platform as a confluence or tapestry...a montage of learning journeys where we can share and learn asynchronously (in these times of the pandemic) across generations, across expertise, across geographical regions and across our specific identities. It is a "classroom without borders", across many spaces and 'times'.


(vi) The collection will specifically engage with sensitive young persons (preferable above 18 and below 35 years) in or out of formal institutions facing unsustainable, dehumanised, and violent trends in society. We believe that living amidst such cruel local and global situations must have led to many questions in the minds of young persons. It may also be a great concern for all of us why many young people are not critically responding to them. A critical aim of this video collection is, therefore, to address those expressed or unexpressed concerns and questions of young people. Contributors are requested to keep this in mind. [Also, it is very important for contributors to reflect on the content of the Concerns page (and its links)].


(vii) The collection will be done by exploring and encouraging a conversation around the roles of vices, virtues, values, and the search for a mutually beneficial, meaningful life. The message of the collection: nurturing and sustaining virtues for the common, and public, good through individual and community action. While the effort privileges virtues, we welcome critical alternative views. In the end, it should all lead to mobilising our conscience for the common good.


Some Specific Primary Aims







Some Specific Secondary Aims


  • To provide a platform to network and bring the younger and older generations together.

  • To provide a space to critique society today and where it is heading.

  • To offer a desanitised understanding of virtues while exploring vices and their social role in everyday life, economics, and politics.

  • To understand global eco-socio-spiritual problems and the role of virtues in addressing justice, peace, and well-being.

  • To understand the notions of common and public good and the role of virtues, values and meanings.

  • To understand the role of virtues and values in both followership and leadership.

  • To explore practical strategies to help build individual, community and institutional character based on virtues (without excluding the concerns for values and meanings).

  • To encourage digital, street, community and policy action based on virtues (and its ecology).

  • To provide a platform for grassroots and indigenous peoples' voice in the area virtues, values and meanings in relation to eco-socio-spiritual living and well-being.


Primary 'Target' Audience (18 – 35 Years)


  • The Youth at Home

  • The Young in Civil Society Organisations

  • The Youth in Institutes/Universities


Guide to Categories of Contributors to the Video Collections (Local, National, Regional and Global)
























Global Community, Youth in Particular



While the Xavier Centre for New Humanities and Compassion Studies, Indian Social Institute and Loyola Centre for Peace and International Relations will offer the main organising platform, in the near future we hope to have associates. These will be individuals, civil society organisations, institutes, faculties and universities.


To encourage open, asynchronous  conversations aimed at understanding the nuances of vices, virtues, values, meanings, their complex inter-relationships and their individual or combined impact on us, society and nature.

To critically understand/make sense of the ‘flow’ (forms, expression, language, impacts, behaviors, contexts) of vices, virtues, values, and meanings through everyday and public life.

To find ways, methods, tools to go beyond the extraordinary, the saintly and the sacred to connect with a life of virtue and values in the contradictions to making harmful compromises in our everyday life, the ordinary or the banal.

To develop innovative teaching-learning approaches and tools for private and public action that  harmonises contexts, thoughts, emotions, and actions (particularly in the context of a pandemic and importantly, beyond the pandemic).