About Us

This is a non-profit, trans-disciplinary and inter-faith/trans-faith project initiated by Xavier Centre for New Humanities and Compassion Studies (Xavier University Bhubaneswar), Indian Social Institute (New Delhi), and Loyola Institute for Peace and International Relations (Kochi), all based in India. 

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Asian School of Wisdom -- Research and Training Centre for Religio-Cultural Community

(ASW--RTRC), Chiang Mai,Thailand.


RTRC works with the young of the indigenous communities in northern Thailand (among the Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lawa, etc). Using an innovative immersion and religio-cultural methodology, it works to create a generation of young 'organic intellectuals' who will serve their communities and not just migrate to urban centres. ASW is a recent initiative, presently a unit under RTRC, formed to reach out to whole of Asia through special academic, semi-academic and short term programmes in collaboration with tertiary educational institutions. The aim to build a learning space to nurture the rich indigenous Asian cultural wisdom and traditions to influence and inform development practice. See video here of the director, Fr. Niphot Thianihan.

Collaborative Platform/Associates

We need volunteer support to develop the collection of videos. We hope like-minded institutions, organisations and persons would join us to build up learning and action resources (in the form of a  video collection) in the areas of common concerns reflected in this project/initiative. Also, building of a network


In you are interested: Please send us the name of organisation, logo, address, email address and name of contact person. Our team will evaluate the institutions or organisations or persons willing to collaborate before incorporating them into this effort. We will add information of the institution or organisation to this page. There are no financial commitments. Only the commitment to reach out (being an anchor) to persons who are willing to share a story (in the video form) that is self-exploratory, self-examining, provocative, compassionate  and/or inspiring. Please read the background, guidelines and the technical pages. Thank you for your support.

Contact Person

Dr. M. Nadarajah (Nat)

Chair Professor, Xavier Centre for New Humanities and Compassion Studies

Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

amanibana@gmai.com, nat@xub.edu.in