Technical Details/Suggestions

(a) Duration of Video Recording

  • 10 minutes but not exceeding 15 minutes

  • One-off  or a series of no more than 3 parts

(b) Place of Recording

This is a collection of videos. We do not expect everyone to be able to access high-end instruments or video/sound recording technologies. We think most of the recordings will probably be done in kitchens, living rooms, gardens, personal study rooms, personal libraries, offices, and, if we are lucky, in studios. Whatever the location (except a studio), it is important that an absolutely silent place is chosen for recording. Please see videos carefully for some practical suggestions.


(c) Video Categories

For the moment, we are not creating categories (for ease of locating a video). It will be done in the future (after a review process). Only your name and profile will be mentioned against your video contribution.


We have, however, created one special category for University Students (or young people in the same age group). While we encourage post-graduate and research students, we welcome undergraduate students as well. Student(s) may submit a music video on the concerns of this initative.

(d) Devices

Smartphones, laptops, desktops, and ipads (not necessarily the Apple ones). Hopefully, there will be those who will have related instruments particularly to ensure good voice/sound recording. It may also involve the online service of Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook. Do have someone to help you.

(e) Recording

Please keep your recording (as stated above) to about10 minutes. At the beginning of the video, if you are able to, add two or three simple title cards: (i) Virtues in Movement (ii) Title of the recording and name of the contributor and (iii) location and date. In the end, please leave a gap of at least 30 seconds. You may add your logo or personal information (an email for instance, in case people want to contact you). Please do not switch off the device abruptly once you have done your recording. 

(f) Information, Delivery of Videos and Copyright

Since the size of your recording will be large, you may need to use a service like google drive. Or transfernow  Or pcloudtransfer. You can check this out. (Also, check the Video Help page.) Or, other such services. We are also setting up the "Virtues in Movement" Youtube and Vimeo channels. Your videos will find a home on these channels.

Please do not forget to send us a brief email note (even a one-liner) on giving us the right/permission to use your video contribution for any educational purpose related to this project. In addition, please provide your name (or names, if a group), what you do/position, geographical location, and a brief profile note (no CVs, please). Please send your email message to (i) (ii) You may additionally send to (iii) and (iv) 


Please Note:

Do keep in mind that there will be a minimum checking process of the content in relation to language and relevance to issues before us. If and when needed, additional review process will be done by a special team. Or, we may ask for a new video. If you have any further query, please go here.

(g) Technical Support

Remote technical support will be available. But this is will on a case by case basis. Contact us if you need support or suggestions. We will have someone to help you (email, online call) but it has to be planned in advance.


(h) Online Home of the Effort

A channel will be set up on Youtube or Vimeo for the collection.  This website will cover all aspects of the initiative. You may follow the effort on the channels (when we announce it). They will also be reflected on the partners and associates websites (in time to come).

(i) Time Frame

We would start receiving videos from October 2020. There is for now no cut off end date.

(j) Suggestions and Training Videos

Some documents and videos offering suggestions will be made available to support contributors or those helping them. Please see the drop-down menu on this link.


Thank you.