For Your Reflection and Contemplation

Hopefully these concerns, or related ones, help you to prepare for the video contribution. 

The video needs to capture your journey of struggles, challenges, insights and lessons. 

Are we in the midst of moral, material and spiritual crises at all levels? In spite of the systematic inclusion of values in key global and local governance documents, in the vision and mission statements of business corporations, civil society organisations and educational institutions, as key topics in many conferences and in many consultancies, how come we have a world which is now in deep values, moral, material and spiritual crises? What is that we are taking for granted or not addressing or not doing right? What values, for instance, sustain the arms industry (wars, conflicts)? What values sustain the business of human trafficking or trafficking in women and children? What values nurture corporatocracy which benefits from the exploitation of labour and destruction of the environment? What is the contribution of the global media in all these? Globally, why are the various types of corruption a persistent reality? 
Is poverty the other side of affluence? In spite of an increase in philanthropic activity globally, including CSR, there is an alarming intensification of inequality globally. Modern slavery is a global reality. How do we live with these realities when fellow beings are suffering? (Also, the cruelty we put animals through.) How do we make sense of this? Do the values that promote affluence also promote poverty? How is that?
Are we losing lives to systemic meaninglessness?
In spite of growing (skewed) affluence, there seem to be a growing number of suicides globally. In a number of societies suicide among the younger generation is high. There is also a growing number of "useless, meaningless jobs". Is meaningless life, with nothing to look forward to, an all-round growing ailment in the world we live today? Does the system we live in promote meaninglessness?
Are ordinary folks 'fated' to live in a world of vices, profanity and compromises? Is a life guided by virtues, or universal values, a way of life only meant for the spiritually enlightened or saints or monks or extra-ordinary persons? Are ordinary people, therefore, condemned to compromise their principles and accommodate a life of vices with acts of charity now and then, here and there? Do they accept the 'world of profanity' as given with the 'Sacred or the Good' out of their reach?
Are 'be realistic' or 'be practical' really the system's hegemonic code words to compromise or 'toe the line'? How do we relate to such statements, or the contradictions in such statements, as “values-based education”, or “virtues-based character” or “living a meaningful life”? Or, "be realistic" or "be practical" (which usually means that we have to compromise our principles)? Are we 'fated' to live in the contradiction between the values we hold and the way we behave, individually or collectively? Why are we made think critically of poverty but not affluence? Why are we over-valuing leadership and under-valuing followership?  How do we handle good intentions that have bad or unintended social and ecological consequences? How do we live a virtuous life? Can we?
Is doing good amidst massive personal, professional and systemic challenges possible? What does it mean? In spite of all the challenges and cruelties that people face in their day-to-day lives, some amongst us have relentlessly reached out to help them without any expectations. Some have done so without fear for their lives or their safety or their comfort. Many have paid with their lives  Some have spent their whole lives 'designing' ways to build a compassionate society not only for people but also for other living beings. Some have walked away from a life of comfort and safety in an exploitative, violent society to live a simple life 'out-of-the- grid'. What drives these people to relentlessly seek the well-being of all beings, humans and non-humans. What animates these human beings? What does it mean to be human?